Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Grocery Grab Wednesday

It's Grocery Grab Wednesday today, and I actually didn't need much this week...which is good and bad.  It's good, because my grocery shopping is quick and my bill is reasonable.  It's bad because it leaves room in the budget for splurges!  (Well, I guess that can be good too!)

Here's what I bought this week:

groceries from Sprouts
Grocery Grab from Sprouts

2 Containers of Blueberries - $1.96 (on sale)
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce - $0.98 (on sale)
Organic Green Kale - $0.98 (on sale)
2 Red Mangos (.48 lbs)- $0.96 (on sale)
Strawberries (1 lb)  - $1.50
Yellow Bananas (2.57 lbs) - $1.52
2 Yellow Squash and 2 Zucchini (1.82 lbs) - $2.28 (on sale)
Simply Lemonade - $2.19 (on sale)
Orange Juice with Calcium and Vitamin D - $2.99
Mountain High rBST-Free Plain Yogurt - $2.50 (on sale)
Gorgonzola Cheese Crumbles - $2.32
Mozzarella - $7.18
rBST-Free Colby Jack - $2.35 (on sale)
Butter Toffee Peanuts (1.29 lbs) - $3.21 (on sale)
Organic Seedless Raisins (.85 lbs) - $3.39
Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (1.42 lbs) - $5.67
Bulk Hormone-Free Pork Sausage (1.28 lbs) - $2.55 (Manager's Special)
3 Hormone-Free Pork Brats - $2.78 (Manager's Special)
Sprouts Honey Whole Wheat Bread - $2.99 (on sale)
Sprouts Jalapeno Cheddar Bread - $2.99 (on sale)
Wyman Frozen Berries with Kale - $8.99 (on sale)
Tax - $0.22
BYO Bag Credits - $0.25 Savings!

Royal Crest Dairy
2 Gallons of 1.5% Milk ( Local, Hormone-Free) - $8.98
Dozen Eggs (Local, Hormone-Free) - $2.19

Total = $73.42

I definitely had some wiggle room in my budget this week for a few splurges.  One thing that I have NEVER bought before that sounded so good was the Sprouts Jalapeno Cheddar sandwich bread.  I rarely buy white bread, and this bread has ZERO grams of fiber so it doesn't fit my normal criteria for sandwich bread.  But it sounded good, and it made for a great turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch today.  I'll stick with my whole wheat sandwich bread on a regular basis, but this new bread was a fun splurge!

I also splurged on the butter toffee peanuts and the frozen berries with kale.  I splurge for me isn't always a sweet treat.  That bag of frozen berries for $8.99 is definitely a splurge because I usually don't spend that much on fruit.  But it was about $3 off the regular price, so I'd still call it a deal!

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