Thursday, August 7, 2014

Grocery Grab Wednesday

I did go grocery shopping yesterday, but last night was just too hectic to post to the blog.  So today you are getting Grocery Grab Wednesday - Thursday Edition!

One of the best things about having a well-stocked freezer is when I have weeks where I don't need to buy too many things.  I have enough meat in the freezer for at least a week's worth of meals, so this week I just needed some fresh fruits and veggies and cheese for pizza.  The rest of the items I bought were simply things I wanted to buy.

Here's what I bought this week:

groceries from Sprouts
Grocery Haul from Sprouts

Cherries (1.03 lb) - $2.04 (on sale)
1 Bulb of Garlic - $0.20
3 Granny Smith Apples (1.11 lb) - $1.09 (on sale)
Green Leaf Lettuce - $0.98 (on sale)
1 Hass Avocado - $0.98 (on sale)
Organic Green Kale - $0.98 (on sale)
3 Pluots (.7 lb) - $0.69 (on sale)
1 Red Mango - $0.98 (on sale)
Red Radishes - $0.50 (on sale)
1 Vineripe Tomato (.59 lb) - $0.93 (on sale)
4 Yellow Bananas (1.57 lb) - $0.93
2 Yellow Onions (1.11 lb) - $0.75 (on sale)
Annie's Organic BBQ Sauce - $3.69 (on sale)
2 Cans Chunk Light Tuna - $2.98
Sprouts Dark Chocolate Bar with Chili Pepper - $1.99
Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal - $2.79 (on sale)
Love Grown Power Os Chocolate Cereal - $2.99 (on sale)
1 Can Medium Black Olives - $1.69
Taco Shells - $2.49
2 Blocks of Mozzarella - $7.66
Pitted Prunes (.97 lb) - $4.84
Bulk Pork Sweet Italian Sausage (.5 lb) - $1.17 (Manager's Special)
Bulk Pork Chorizo (.3 lb) - $0.87 (Manager's Special)
Xtra Lean Ground Beef (1.7 lb) - $6.82 (on sale)
Chicken Wings and Drumsticks (1.6 lb) - $4.03 (Manager's Special)
Sprouted Wheat Bread - $3.99 (on sale)
Alexia Potato Puffs - $2.99 (on sale)
Tax on Chocolate Bar - $0.08
BYO Bag Credit - $0.20 Savings!

Royal Crest Dairy
2 Gallons of 1.5% Milk (Local, Hormone-Free) - $8.98
Dozen Eggs (Local, Hormone-Free) - $2.19

Total = $72.74

This week we are having chicken wings with potato puffs and cut fresh veggies, tacos, homemade pizza, and breakfast (eggs, sausage and potatoes) for dinner.  I have carrots, celery, and potatoes in the fridge and pantry already, so I didn't have to buy them this week.  We try to be good about eating leftovers, so we have leftovers 1-2 nights per week and eat out about once a week.  We also have plenty of frozen meat, fruits and veggies if we need to make another dinner.

For breakfast, we usually have cereal, oatmeal, or pancakes/waffles/eggs (on the weekend).  For lunch, the kids usually have sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, homemade "Lunchables" with turkey/cheese/crackers, or occasionally Annie's Macaroni and Cheese...and we always have fruits and veggies on the side.  I usually have leftovers from dinner or a salad.

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