Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Grocery Grab Wednesday

I'm back with another Grocery Grab Wednesday!  I like getting back to my regular routine.

This week's grocery shopping was a little bit different, because we have a birthday for my little guy (turning 3), a holiday and a minor surgery for my little guy all in one week.  So I won't be planning my regular 7 dinners this week.  Instead, I needed to stock up on ingredients for the special occasions, and we will eat easy, simple dinners the rest of the week.

My little boy is turning 3!  This weekend, we are having a few of his best buddies over for a Polar Express themed get-together...including Crock Pot Hot Chocolate!  I usually don't include things like birthday party items/ingredients in my regular $100 per week grocery budget, so I'm putting an asterisk next to the items for the birthday party.

Here's what I bought this week:

groceries from Sprouts
Grocery Haul from Sprouts

groceries from Target
Grocery Haul from Target

Blackberries - $1.50 (on sale)
2 Green Bell Peppers - $0.96 (on sale)
Green Leaf Lettuce - $0.88 (on sale)
2 Lemons - $0.67 (on sale)
Organic Strawberries - $1.98 (on sale)
3 Red Bell Peppers - $1.00 (on sale)
6 Red Delicious Apples (2.36 lbs) - $2.08 (on sale)
2 Vineripe Tomatoes (1.15 lb) - $1.13 (on sale)
Yellow Bananas (3.37 lbs) - $1.99
2 Yellow Onions (1.81 lbs) - $0.60 (on sale)
Sprouts Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - $3.29
Sprouts Organic White Vinegar - $2.00 (on sale)
2 Bottles Brianna's Poppyseed Dressing - $4.00 (on sale)
Sprouts Lemon Snaps - $1.50 (on sale)
Mountain High rBST-free Vanilla Yogurt - $3.29 (on sale)
Blue Cheese Crumbles - $2.64
Cheddar Cheese (1 lb) - 2.09 (on sale)
Shredded Mozzarella (1 lb) - $6.58
Chicken Drumsticks (2 lb) - $1.97
Sprouts Honey Oat Bran Cereal - $2.99 (on sale)
Sprouts Traditional Tortillas - $1.99 (on sale)
BYO Bag Credits - $0.15 Savings!

Market Pantry Crackers - $1.85 (5% off with Cartwheel)
Smucker's Natural Strawberry Jelly - $2.55 (on sale and 5% off with Cartwheel)
Classico Pizza Sauce - $1.64
Market Pantry Veggie Pasta - $0.95 (on sale and 5% off with Cartwheel)
Market Pantry Whole Wheat Pasta - $0.95 (on sale and 5% off with Cartwheel)
2 Cans Del Monte Pineapple - $2.50 (on sale)
*McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract - $3.77 (10% off with Cartwheel)
*3 Cans Market Pantry Sweetened Condensed Milk - $5.16 (5% off with Cartwheel)
*2 Large Bags Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chips - $8.89 (on sale)
*Market Pantry Mini Marshmallows - $1.06 (5% off with Cartwheel)
*2 Gallons Market Pantry rBST-free 2% Milk - $4.92 (5% off with Cartwheel)
*3 Pints Market Pantry Whipping Cream - $6.36 (5% off with Cartwheel)

Royal Crest Dairy
2 Gallons 1.5% Milk (Local, Hormone-Free) - $8.98
1 Dozen Eggs (Local, Hormone-Free) - $2.29

Total = $96.85

Even with my extra purchases for the birthday party, I still came in right around my budget for this week.  That's good news, because we will probably be spending some extra money eating out this week.  I'm planning on eating take-out on surgery day (since I'm not  sure what to expect, but I'm guessing I won't be available to cook that day).  

Here are the dinners I'm planning for this week:

Dinner #1 - Baked Chicken Drumsticks with brown rice and salad

Dinner #2 - Homemade Pizza and salad

Dinner #3 - Breakfast for dinner (Banana Pancakes, scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, sauteed peppers and onions, fruit)

Dinner #4 - Easter Dinner of ham (brought by a guest), pineapple casserole, homemade yeast rolls, deviled eggs, salad (brought by a guest) and dessert (brought by a guest)

Dinner #5 - Leftovers or Fish Tacos with sweet apple salsa and black beans

Dinner #6 - Leftovers or take-out

Dinner #7 - Pasta salad with shredded chicken and veggies served over a bed of lettuce

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